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Large XL Shell Candle Pure 100% Soy

Large XL Shell Candle Pure 100% Soy

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These unique shell candle offers unique irregular shape, making this perfect for styling on any gorgeous countertop, is a great accent to any interior. Its natural aesthetic will complement any coffee or side table.

And if you done with your candle you can re-purpose this beautiful shell vessel in plenty of functional, decorative ways as burning a candle down to nearly nothing may be the end for that flame, but it also signifies a new beginning for the empty vessel left.



• Dimensions: 5cm height x 19cm length x 17cm width

• Hand poured 100% soy wax, wooden wick

• Eco-friendly, paraffin-free, never tested on animals

• Packed in biodegradable / recyclable packaging

• Weight: 750g (300g soy candle)



h y p o a l l e r g e n i c · paraffin-free · non-toxic

all natural pure soy candle

Unscented candles are hypoallergenic. If you or you loved ones are sensitive or even allergic to fragrances you can still enjoy the ambiance and decorative elements that a candle provides, without the negative effects of scent.

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