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Third Eye Chakra Decorative Candle 100% Soy Wax

Third Eye Chakra Decorative Candle 100% Soy Wax

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· h y p o a l l e r g e n i c · paraffin-free · non-toxic ·

This unscented candle is hypoallergenic. If you are sensitive or even allergic to fragrances you can still enjoy the ambiance and decorative elements that a candle provides, without the negative effects of scent.

· all natural pure soy candle ·

Made from 100% natural, eco soy wax & cotton wick, is 100% vegan and environmentally friendly as it’s biodegradable.

✧ Size approx.: 8.5cm x 7.5cm
✧ Hand poured 100% soy wax
✧ Handmade candle
✧ Vegan-friendly, paraffin-free, never tested on animals
✧ Packed in biodegradable / recyclable packaging
✧ Comes wrapped ready for gift giving.


🕯 Before burning your candle please respect this candle burn instructions that come with your candles. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to inaccurate burning time, heat damage, injuries, and fire.

🕯 Sometimes candles may develop frosting which is a natural effect in vegetable waxes that will give a stone effect to your candle. This appears because the wax is trying to return to its natural form and as a result it begins to crystallize. It doesn’t affect the performance of the candle in any way, it is just means that the wax is 100% natural.

• Wax spillage is expected, make sure you place them on a heat resistant, deep tray or dish.
• Burn candle no more than 3 hours at a time and cool for at least two hours before relighting.
• While unlit, keep your candles away from dust, direct sunlight, or heat sources; heat can melt your candles and they might lose shape. If dropped, the candle will break or chip.
• Do not apply force on your candles and do not force them into candle holder or they will break.
• Usually most of my candles are made to order, so they need the time to cure completely for an optimal burn. So please allow at least one week from the arrival date when you decide to burn it.
• Never let your candle burn all the way down - this can damage the container and, in some circumstances, lead to the base splitting or cracking. Once it's about 1cm from the base or holder, it's time for farewells.
• Jesmonite candle pots can be repurposed for use as plants pots. Please note that prolonged water contact may change the appearance of the pot with time.

Keep away from children and pets.
Don't let a burning candle unsupervised.
Don't burn candles on shelves or near anything that can catch fire.
Never go to sleep with a candle still burning, and never leave a burning candle in a child’s bedroom.


Every single piece is made by hand, inspired by neutral & earthy tones - simple, unique, with own individual quirks and imperfections, this is what makes them truly special - not just a mass production.


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