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BOLLA Beaded Round Incense Stick Holder

BOLLA Beaded Round Incense Stick Holder

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This aesthetically pleasing incense holder is handcrafted from eco friendly material and has a unique speckled finish with a touch of neutral beige tone. A truly unique piece, the holder will add an element of minimalist charm to your decor. Simply burn some incense to up the ambience. 


The incense stick is securely held upright above the rimmed ashtray, minimizing the need for frequent cleaning. It effortlessly accommodates both short and long incense sticks.


• Earthen colour: speckled beige

• Dimensions: L 13cm x W 13cm x H 2,5cm

• Weight: 250g

• Material: Jesmonite

• Packed in biodegradable / recyclable packaging


*trim the incense stick before lighting it. most of them are designed for lying holders, so if you want them to stand evenly and not tilt, just cut off half of the bamboo stick

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