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PETTINE Scallop Pearl Shell Incense Stick Holder

PETTINE Scallop Pearl Shell Incense Stick Holder

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This thoughtfully handmade decorative pedestal bowl heart incense holder offers unique shape, making this perfect for styling on any gorgeous counter top.

A heart with a hole for incense allows them to burn straight, which is more efficient, and the ash falls straight into the bowl.

handmade ∙ eco-friendly ∙ fire-resistant

  • Dimensions: 12cm height x 6cm width
  • Handmade from Jesmonite
  • Packed in biodegradable / recyclable packaging
  • Weight approx: 290g

*trim the incense stick before lighting it. most of them are designed for lying holders, so if you want them to stand evenly and not tilt, just cut off half of the bamboo stick

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