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Natural Incense Sticks

Natural Incense Sticks

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These incense sticks are handmade from natural essential oils, with natural bamboo and wood powder harvested from sustainable sources in Vietnam.

They provide a long-lasting fragrance that can transform any space into a harmonious and soothing atmosphere. Whether used for personal reflection, yoga practice, or just to add a pleasant scent to your living space.

∙ Heavenly State: Unique blend of musky, sweet and woody notes creating a harmonious balance of peace and tranquility

∙ Luscious: Tropical combination of the fresh fruity smell of mango with the warm and sweet aroma of coconut - the perfect scent of delicious blend of luscious notes

∙ Summer Gourmet: A bewitching scent of deliciously fruity blend, on a warm background of floral notes which cleansing and purifying your space of unwanted energies and to aid relaxation and stress-relief

∙ Vanilla Musk: Combination of sweet scent of Vanilla & light musk create a classic sweet fragrance for any space

∙ Passion: The combination of sweet, floral powdery notes with tangy, citrusy undertones, on a warm background of woody blend creates a fragrance that is both luxurious and fresh.

∙Egyptian Musk: Soft and earthy fragrance, with notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood, on a warm background of Musk and subtle bottom notes Vanilla

✧ Stick length: approx. 17.5cm | Glass vial size: 18.5cm
✧ Each vial contains 10 luxury incense sticks = 10 hours of burning time
✧ 1 stick burning time: approx. 1hour
✧ Handmade from natural essential oils
✧ No glue or additives to make them burn
✧ Vegan-friendly, never tested on animals

You don't know if you like this fragrance? Try samples before you decide to buy a full vial :)

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