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Natural Tropical Coconut 100% Soy Candle

Natural Tropical Coconut 100% Soy Candle

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all-natural pure soy candle

The coconut shell candle is inspired by the lovely warmth of the tropics. Delicate Caribbean scent of aromatic blend of juicy grapefruit, zingy pineapple and creamy coconut over a gentle vanilla base evokes memories of blue seas, with waves gently rolling in as the sun sets.

Or unscented option which is hypoallergenic. If you are sensitive or even allergic to fragrances you can still enjoy the ambiance and decorative elements that a candle provides, without the negative effects of scent.

Every coconut candle is made from the pure eco soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer. Each coconut candle is unique in shape and form. Hand-poured, unscented & scented, in a natural coconut shell and burns with a natural wooden wick.

✧ Weight - 150g-160g depending on the size of the coconut
✧ Dimensions approx. – Width 10cm – Length 8cm – Height 5cm
✧ Burn time – 25 to 30 hours
✧ Delicate Caribbean scent of aromatic blend or hypoallergenic unscented
✧ 100% eco pure soy wax / wooden wick
✧ Ethically sourced, reusable natural coconut bowl / plastic free product
✧ Comes wrapped ready for gift giving

You can use them as floating candles, just let them flow on the water surface and enjoy the ambient.

Also, these candles would be a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones. Comes wrapped ready for gift giving.

Every candle is fully cured to ensure optimum burn times of 40-45 hours. The wick for this candle is made from wood - to produce an even burn pool. As the coconut is a 100% natural product, so when the candle has burned out, it is 100% biodegradable making it also very good for the environment.

🥥Done With Your Candle? Reuse the Vessel.

Burning a candle down to nearly nothing may be the end for that flame, but it also signifies a new beginning for the empty vessel left.

You can re-purpose vessel in plenty of functional, decorative ways. it can be used to store your candle supplies, to store small items or your jewellery, but you can also reuse them in plenty of ways instead.

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