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Nordic Candlestick Holder

Nordic Candlestick Holder

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Simply and cosy look in a neutral warm cream speckled color of this candle holder match any design and add a touch of texture & coziness to your home.

🤎 If you are a Palo Santo lover, it will also be a perfect fit for your daily rituals as the candlestick hole is the perfect size for a Palo Santo stick, it will keep it upright and help you enjoy the scent of your incense safely.

✧ Suitable for 0.78in / 2cm wide candles.
✧ Width 12cm x Height 5cm
✧ Material: Jesmonite

Every single piece is made by hand, inspired by natural and earthy tones - simple, unique, with own individual quirks and imperfections. Each of them will be different from the previous one, this is what makes them truly special - not just a mass production

Each item is hand poured, sanded and sealed of non toxic sealant to minimise water absorption,
therefore colour and design may vary slightly.

*jesmonite is an eco friendly cement composite


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